Matagorda Texas is your getaway holiday. There is fun for every one from fishing, boating, swimming, walking on the beach. Surrounding towns are Sargent, Wadsworth, and Bay City. It's a vacationers paradise. Matagorda Texas (


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Bragg's Cut,

Braggs Cut, a diversion route from Matagorda Harbor into West Matagorda Bay, will provide recreational boaters the opportunity to bypass the Colorado River Locks The Port of Bay City Authority reportedly expects the 3.1 million dollar cut to be open by March 2012..

Matagorda Weather Is Monitored At Palacios, Texas

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Matagorda, the third oldest town and second port established in Texas, has settled into a quiet fishing town. Elias R. Wightman, an early surveyor for Stephen F. Austin, mapped it out in 1827. Sixty emigrants from New York and New Orleans became the first settlers.Initially friendly to the settlers, Karankawa Indians eventually came to resent the new comers and fought against the intrusion on their land. Long bows were no match for long rifles and the outcome was inevitable.

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