Matagorda Texas is your getaway holiday. There is fun for every one from fishing, boating, swimming, walking on the beach. Surrounding towns are Sargent, Wadsworth, and Bay City. It's a vacationers paradise. Matagorda Texas (


The first church to be built was an 
Episcopal Church in 1838 founded 
by Caleb A. Ives.  Baptists, 
Methodists(Photo Below) 
and other religions followed shortly.

Matagorda County was  established in 
1837 and the town of Matagorda became 
the county seat.  In 1894,  after several 
tropical storms devastated the town and 
the courthouse, records  were destroyed, 
the set was relocated to Bay City.

Residents took an  active part in the 
Texas Revolution and comprised 30 
of the 92 signatures of the  Goliad 

Declaration of Independence December 1835 
was drafted by Matagordians Ira Ingram and 
Phillip Dimitt.Rice was introduced to the area 
at the turn of the century as well as discoveries 
of oil, gas, sulfur and shell. 

Today visitors can enjoy beach activities, 
boating and fishing.  Granite jetties reach 
a quarter of a mile into the Gulf for fishing 
Bays can easily be accessed by boat 
and are home to trout, red fish and flounder. 
The Waterway is 12 feet deep, 125 feet wide 
and extends for 426 miles along the Texas coast.  
The best view is from the Colorado River 
Locks operated by the U.S. Army Corps 
of Engineers.

Matagorda Beach is located seven miles south of the town 
at the end of Texas 2031, which runs, parallel to the Colorado River.  
Visitors may drive along the beach, surf, fish, camp out, picnic 
or just enjoy nature.